Skapti Modolf's son
Fictional Character
Videssos Cycle
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): The Misplaced Legion
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Halogaland
Religion: Polytheism
Cause of Death: Arrow in chest
Occupation: Mercenary with the Empire of Videssos
Parents: Modolf

Skapti Modolf's son was the garrison commander in Imbros when the "Ronams" arrived. He was a tall, one-eyed, middle-aged man whose gold hair made it difficult to see the silver. He was dour but as friendly as his character would allow with Marcus Scaurus who led the Ronams. He did take a professional interest in their fighting style, as the Halogai were the only other group known to the Videssians who customarily fought on foot.[1]

Over the winter that the Ronams spent in Imbros, they trained hard and fought mock battles with the two hundred Halogai in Skapti's command. While skilled and fierce, the Halogai fought as individuals and clans. If they could not break the Ronams' ranks in their initial charge, they would then tire themselves fighting against their orderly ranks and be defeated.[2] When spring came, the Ronams prepared to march to Videssos the city to join the Imperial Guard. Skapti personally came to Scaurus to bid him farewell. As he clasped Scaurus' hand in both of his own in the Halogai custom, he prophesized that the two would met again in less pleasant circumstances but would not elaborate.[3]

The prophesy came true when Scaurus chanced to encounter Skapti in the large army Mavrikios Gavras gathered in his campaign against the Yezda. He was amused by this and pointed out that a man's weird will come to him if he doesn't towards it. After he went his way, Gaius Philippus remarked that he had seen men with that look before and that the Gaulish work "fey" fitted well.[4]

The two encountered each other once more at the Battle of Maragha. Scaurus was stunned by a blow to the side of his head by a swung spear-shaft. He went to one knee and saw a Yezda dart towards him with an upraised saber. He was slow to raise his shield to protect himself but saw a tall shape loom up and kill the Yezda with an axe-blow. It was Skapti. He then received an arrow into his chest and with his dying breath announced it was indeed a less pleasant place than Imbros.[5]


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