Sithonia was a land slightly toward the south and east of the Elabonian Empire's heartland. It was considered to be the birthplace of western civilization and culture. Sithonia was never a united kingdom, being instead divided into city-states, including Kortys and Siphnos, which often warred with each other. This made it easy for the Elabonians to conquer Sithonia and bring it into their Empire, shortly after a great war between Kortys and Siphnos. Sithonian culture was lovingly appropriated by the Elabonians, with Sithonian philosophy forming the basis of Elabonian education. Its religion was similarly treated, with the wine god Mavrix forcibly uprooted to Elabon, a fact which was to his displeasure, as stated by him every so often.

After the reign of Emperor Hildor III saw a laxity of the Empire to assert itself over its far-off regions, the Sithonians saw hope in the example of the northlands, which had declared de facto independence. The Sithonians thus began their own rebellion against Imperial rule, with Mavrix himself as one of their leaders. However, the new Emperor Crebbig the Magnificent, who had started out as an occupying general in Sithonia before assassinating Hildor, was not likely to be as easy to deceive as his predecessor.

Literary comment[]

Sithonia is based on Ancient Greece, particularly during its rule by the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. The Sithonian Revolution departs from this metaphor, as no similar event ever happened during that part of Greek history.