Sir Ogier
Fictional Character
Clever Rolf Stories
Appearance(s): "Blue Fox and Werewolf"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unknown
Cause of Death: Killed by a werewolf
Occupation: Knight

Sir Ogier was a knight who sought to rescue the maiden Viviane from the wizard Mebodes' captivity. He bragged about his scheme to the accountant Clever Rolf while both were drinking in the Blue Fox. When Clever Rolf told Sir Ogier that the werewolves guarding the Great Wood would kill him, Sir Ogier was insulted. Clever Rolf made things worse when he told Ogier that the knight had no more hope of saving Viviane than Clever Rolf did. Disgusted that the insignificant Rolf would dare compare them, Ogier publicly announced that he and Clever Rolf would leave at dawn.[1] Shamed, Rolf did join the mission. Ogier rode on ahead, leaving Clever Rolf to himself. Eventually, Sir Ogier was killed by a werewolf; Clever Rolf overcame his own werewolf adversary with silver and rescued Viviane.[2]


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