Sigvat II
Fictional Character
The Opening of the World
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Raumsdalian Empire
Religion: Worship of God
Occupation: Emperor of Raumsdalia

Sigvat II (also spelled Sighvat) was an Emperor of Raumsdalia, during the time of the discovery of the Gap in the Glacier and the lands that it lead to. In the opinion of Count Hamnet Thyssen, he would never be that great a monarch as other Emperors such as Domaldi the Conqueror or Faxi Blood-Hand or any others.[1]

He was first apprised of the Gap in the Glacier by Trasamund, jarl or leader of the Bizogot Three Tusk Clan.[2] Intrigued of what may lay beyond the Glacier, in particular to find the Golden Shrine, he delegated Count Thyssen, Ulric Skakki, a scholar named Eyvind Torfinn and others on a expedition through the Gap.

After the expedition returned to the imperial capital of Nidaros, he did not budge when he was informed by Thyssen that an attack from the Rulers was eminent, citing that the invaders were far away from Imperial borders and they would have to get through Bizogot lands to get to Raumsdalia. In fact, he tried to have the count arrested or exiled, reinforcing the belief that he was having a sexual relationship with Gudrid, who hated Thyssen.

Due to his unwillingness to take Thyssen seriously, the Empire was caught unprepared by the invasion of The Rulers, leading to horrendous losses and the capture of Nidaros by the Rulers. This caused him to be hated by most Raumsdalians and scorned by the Bizogots.

After Thyssen returned to Nidaros from the Golden Shrine, Sighvat, instead of arresting him as expected, gave him an audience. There, the count recounted the words Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin as told so by a priestess at the Shrine. In front of them all, a scene was shown of a tyrannical king being weighed on scales. This told everyone watching that Sighvat was unfit to rule. The Emperor promptly abdicated and fled.


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