Sierra's Proprietor
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers"
POD: March 17, 1998
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Chatsworth (born in the United States)
Date of Birth: c. 1970s
Occupation: Restaurateur

The proprietor of Sierra's had been a young man working for his father at the restaurant when The Change came. The family continued to run Sierra's, having the parking lot torn up and turned into a vegetable garden and big windows had been knocked into the east, south and west walls to increase daylight. There was no gas for the stove or running water, but they were able to make do.

Some thirty years later, the young man had become the proprietor and welcomed Jared and Connor Tillman when they came in. Jared said he wasn't a stranger, that he had last come in 1997, just a year before The Change so the proprietor offered the first drink on the house. Dos Equis was no longer available but the homebrew was good and the two filled up with pork and chicken tacos and enchiladas. When they finished Jared paid with sandwich metal quarters. The proprietor asked where they were headed and Jared replied back home to Topanga. He did say he would visit again, say after the war between Topanga and Chatsworth had been fought. The proprietor said it would be a shame if there was a war to which Jared agreed. He then wished the proprietor well and the Tillmans left.[1]


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