Siege of Nouveau Redon
Part of French and Spanish War
Date 176?
Location Nouveau Redon, French Atlantis
Result Fall of Nouveau Redon, defeat of French forces in Atlantis
Great Britain
British Atlantis
French Atlantis
Commanders and leaders
Charles Cornwallis
Victor Radcliff
Roland Kersauzon

The Siege of Nouveau Redon was the end of the mid 18th century conflict in Atlantis. French forces had been thoroughly routed by the British commanders Charles Cornwallis and Victor Radcliff. Commander Roland Kersauzon retreated back into the fortress Nouveau Redon, the only settlement not in British hands.

Nouveau Redon had a spring within its walls, thus ensuring that the men within could withstand a fairly long siege. Cornwallis and Radcliff determined to end the siege by cutting off the spring. To that end, Cornwallis took a page from the The Gallic War, and ordered an excuvation project to find the underground source of the spring. After some time, miners found the source, and dynamited the it, redirecting the flow and draining the spring in the fort.

Kersauzon, furious and desperate, ordered an attack. French forces poured forward and were destroyed, Kersauzon among them.