Shytown was a city-state on Riverworld. It was led by Hizzonor, Mayor Richard J. Daley. Unlike some of its neighbors, Shytown was ostensibly a democracy.[1]

Shytown was bordered up-River by the Muslim community of Bornu, which was ruled by Musa ar-Rahman. The two communities were hostile to one-another. Thus, when Alexios Komnenos, the ruler of Bornu's up-River neighbor, New Constantinople, approached Daley in the early morning hours about a joint attack against Bornu, Daley was intrigued.[2] However, Daley was canny enough to realize that Bornu was a good buffer between Shytown and New Constantinople. He proposed that not only would the grailstones of Bornu be divied up in advance, but that additionally, Daley would make Alexios his vice-mayor, while Alexios would make Daley the kaisar of New Constantinople. Thus, if one should "die", the other would immediately rule both city-states. Despite misgivings (including the fact that his own brother Isaac was already kaisar), Alexios agreed.[3]

The attack was a success, and both Shytown and New Constantinople divided up Bornu.[4]


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