Shukri al-Kuwatly
Fictional Character
"Les Mortes dArthur"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Arab World
Date of Birth: 22nd century
Date of Death: 22nd century
Cause of Death: Murder by a laser
Occupation: Skier

Shukri al-Kuwatly was an Arab World competitor at the Sixty-sixth Winter Games. His event was the five-kilometer ski jump and so he competed on Mimas, a moon of Saturn. He was the record holder at that time with a jump of over 11.5 kilometers and so the favorite to win the gold.

On his jump for the first day of competition, he reached a velocity of 103.81 kph which would mean his landing would be at a distance of 11,580 meters. Angus Cavendish, IBC color commentator, was somewhat surprised since al-Kuwatly's form was not ideal. However, Cavendish did observe that al-Kuwatly went into a proper stance for landing while still a half a kilometer up and two minutes away and so shouldn't have any problems landing.

Immediately after Cavendish had spoken, a misty globe formed around al-Kuwatly's head. At first, the broadcasters thought it was a suit failure but Cavendish realized al-Kuwatly was not making any effort to stop the rupture and concluded correctly that he had been murdered. Although dead, his flight was subject to the laws of ballistics and so the world watched in horror for two minutes while his lifeless body fell and then tumbled like a rag doll on landing.

Almost immediately after he and two subsequent murdered athletes landed, there was a radio transmission from someone claiming to be with the Second Irgun and responsibility for the atrocity. The next day this was denied by Menachem, a recognized spokesman for the organization.

Whether or not the Second Irgun were involved, whoever murdered al-Kuwatly did succeed in embarrassing the Arab World. The examination of his body revealed that he had an illegal suit. It had a hidden gas vent in the small of the back which could be used as a reaction motor. With Mimas' small gravity, even this small amount of thrust could make a big difference. If he had not been murdered, al-Kuwatly would have been leading in the standings.