Shooter's Hill (or Shooters Hill) is a district in South East London, England, United Kingdom, within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It borders the London Borough of Bexley. It lies north of Eltham and south of Woolwich. With a height of 132 metres (433 ft), it is the highest point in the Borough of Greenwich and one of the highest points in Greater London. Shooter's Hill also gives its name to the A road which passes through east to west and is part of the A207 road, the A2 road, and also Watling Street.

It reputedly takes its name from the practice of archery there during the Middle Ages, although the name is also commonly linked to its reputation as a haunt for highwaymen and as a place of execution. On 11 April 1661, diarist Samuel Pepys mentions passing under "the man that hangs upon Shooter's Hill and a filthy sight it was to see how his flesh is shrunk to his bones."

Shooter's Hill in A Different Flesh[]

On May 4, 1661, Samuel Pepys purchased two sims (Tom and Peg) from a sim-seller at the London docks. The seller advised Pepys to take his new purchases to Shooter's Hill so that they might see the gibbeted bodies of runaway sims next to the corpses of felons. Pepys doubted that the sims had the intelligence to comprehend such a message, but they reacted with agitation to seeing the bodies of their own kind. Pepys wrote of the human corpses: "A filthy sight I found it, with the miscreants' flesh all shrunk to the bones."