Fictional Character
"The Banner of Kaviyan"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Persian in the Arab Caliphate
Date of Birth: 7th century
Occupation: Servant

Shiren was a Persian serving girl in the household of the dihqan Yaqut. She had been personally trained by Yaqut to be a bed warmer, both for his personal needs and for hospitality to guests. When Shahin was guested by Yaqut, he was given Shiren as his bed warmer for the night. He was gratified by her classical Persian beauty and did find after having sexual congress, that she was also a literal bed warmer that cool night.

Afterwards, Shahin asked Shiren if she wouldn't prefer to be under Persian rule rather than the Arabs. She expressed bewilderment, stating that her place in the household was more comfortable than that of the peasant's hut she had grown up in and that she ate better. She also indicated that Yaqut was a more considerate master than most and indifferent to whether he was an Arab or Persian. Shahin who was the son of a dihqan didn't understand this but as he continued to journey, living rough at times, he gained some sympathy to preferring creature comforts to political distinctions.[1]


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