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Shanghai is the largest city in China, and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with over 20 million people. Located on China's central eastern coast just at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the city is administered as a municipality of the People's Republic of China with province-level status.

Shanghai in "Shtetl Days"[]

Following the War of Retribution, the Greater German Reich wiped out the Jews who had relocated to Shanghai and Harbin.

Shanghai in The War That Came Early[]

A platoon of U.S. Marines, including Pete McGill, were transferred to Shanghai from Peking in April 1939. This was officially because there were more foreigners in Shanghai than in Peking, so the Marines would have more to do. Moreover, Shanghai was a port with direct shipping ties to the United States. If the war between China and Japan got worse, then moving Americans out of Shanghai would be easier.

Despite Japanese dominance of coastal China, Shanghai remained an international city. It was seen as especially attractive to stateless persons, be they White refugees from the Russian Civil War (such as Vera Kuznetsova) or Jews fleeing Nazi expansion in Europe, such as Sam Grynszpan.

Shanghai in Worldwar[]

Shanghai had been occupied by Japan at the time of the Race's invasion of Earth. The Race took Shanghai violently from Japan. It became a critical administrative center for the Race. As such, Shanghai was also targeted by the Chinese Communist Party. Bobby Fiore participated in a terrorist attack with the CCP in 1943, and died there.

A generation later, Liu Han and her daughter Liu Mei, were smuggled out of China through Shanghai when they went to the United States to ask for aid.