Seven O'clock News was an evening news program of the Greater German Reich's televisor system. The hour long broadcast was used by the Reich to propagate the Nazi party-line to the German people. The news channel was controlled by the Propaganda Ministry.

Its chief newscaster was handsome, Aryan ideal, Horst Witzleben, who resembled a cross between an SS officer and a film star. Witzleben's views and demeanor shifted over the course of 2010 and into 2011. At the beginning of the year, he skillfully inserted Nazi messages into his reading of the news. When the democratic reforms of the fourth Führer Heinz Buckliger began, Witzleben reported them faithfully and enthusiastically. When the SS launched its Putsch in June 2011, Witzleben served what seemed to be the new power group (although he may have been coerced). Once the coup was crushed, Witzleben again worked for the reformers.


Below is a list of several notable stories:

  • 1) The third Führer Kurt Haldweim is "recovering from a stubborn cold" at the Führer's Palace. Very little about the Führer's medical state was revealed to the public and the truth was that he was actually dying. To assure the Reich, Witzleben claims that the Führer is capable of attending to state issues if any arises. Haldweim had already been ill with a long series of stubborn colds and minor sicknesses for several years, which kept him from office sometimes for as long as a week. However, discussion about the Führer's medical state was forbidden by the Reich.
  • 2) "Discussion" concerning the payment of remaining United States debts for the annual tribute is taking place between German and American officials at Omaha, the US capital. As with many other occupied states, the Reich maintained military garrisons which it used to control the citizens of these states and to force them to cooperate with the occupation authorities. A clip showed a company of Panzers passing through the countryside while an older one shows a city being destroyed by atomic fire, possibly in retaliation for rebellion.
  • 3) Report on Britain's ruling party, the British Union of Fascists, preparing for their annual congress in London the following week. A BUF spokesman claimed that the BUF was loyal to the Nazi Reich and had a "proper" notion for what's good for Britain. However, this may have been little more than propaganda and Witzleben himself commented that it remains to be seen whether or not the BUF will enforce its position.