World map of the Serb diaspora.

Serbs are a South Slavic people living in the Balkans and Central Europe, mainly in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and, to a lesser extent, in Croatia.

Serbs in In the Presence of Mine Enemies[]

The Serbs were among the groups the Greater German Reich defined as untermenschen. Thus, they were used as slave labour and subject to harsh repression and mass murder in their own country and abroad, although the Reich and its allies did not seek to exterminate the Serbs completely, as they had done with the Jews.

The Serbs fought back, keeping the Balkans an unstable region. The Poglavnik of Croatia and the King of Bulgaria routinely met to discuss ways to combat Serb terrorists.

In 2010, it was discovered that a village in Serbia was protecting several Jews. The Jews and the protectors were wiped out.

Serbs in "Ready for the Fatherland"[]

Under the fascistic Independent State of Croatia, which replaced Yugoslavia under Nazi influence, Serbs were cruelly oppressed, their alphabet and religion outlawed, and their people reportedly hunted for sport by German military recruits seeking combat experience. In 1979, a resistance movement sought help from a foreign power to overthrow the oppressors, but was betrayed both by the Soviets, who were busy consolidating their hold on Middle Eastern oil fields, and the British, who sold the Serbs out in exchange for access to the North Sea oil wells owned by Germany, benefactor of Croatia.

Serbs in Through Darkest Europe[]

The Serbs were an Eastern Orthodox group who lived at the western tip of the Seljuk Empire. They had a notorious historical hatred of their Catholic neighbors from Croatia, even though Serbs and Croats were in fact closely related to each other.

Serbs in The Valley-Westside War[]

A large number of residents of the Kingdom of Speedro were descended from Serbs. This made George and Irma Stoyadinovich suitable to do undercover Crosstime Traffic work there.[1]