Sentry Peak  
Cover artist Carol Heyer
Language English
Series The War Between the Provinces
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Baen
Publication date September 1, 2000
Followed by Marching Through Peachtree

Sentry Peak (Baen, 2000) is the first novel in The War Between the Provinces series, a fantasy version of the American Civil War. The first few chapters are available on-line at Baen's website.

It describes a fictional country, Detina, in the throes of a civil war as the north fights to keep its Blond serfs, under "King" Geoffrey and tries to form its own country. The south, under King Avram fights to keep the country together, and, to a lesser degree, to free the blonds.

Most of the action is based in the Eastern theatre of the Civil War, with the incompetent and blundering Thraxton the Braggart leading the northern host and the equally incompetent General Guildenstern leading the southron army.

Most of the novel is concerned with the battles of Sentry Peak and Proselytizers' Rise.