Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Prince of the North;
King of the North;
Fox and Empire
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: Elabonian Empire/North Elabon
Religion: Elabonian pantheon
Occupation: Farmgirl, Soothsayer, Princess-consort, Queen-consort
Parents: Blestar
Spouse: Gerin the Fox
Children: Duren (stepson), Dagref the Whip, Clotild, Blestar, one other deceased;
Geroge and Tharma (informally adopted children)

Selatre was the daughter of a peasant named Blestar in the region near Ikos in the Elabonian Empire's northlands. When the Sibyl at Ikos died after multiple decades in the position, a hunt for a girl with Lord Biton's mark began. Selatre was determined to bear the mark, and was moved to the Temple at Biton to become the new Sibyl.

One day, Prince Gerin the Fox and his man-at-arms Van of the Strong Arm arrived at the Temple to seek divine aide in the search for Gerin's kidnapped son Duren.