Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"Merchants of Discord"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Gaulish citizen of the Roman Empire
Date of Birth: 2nd century
Date of Death: 3rd century
Cause of Death: Stabbed to death
Occupation: Merchant

Secundinius was a Gaulish merchant. He was one of the four merchants who traveled to Brocolitia under armed guard to trade at the market. He was not friendly with any of the other merchants, but Tertullus, an African, particularly disdained Secundinius as the Gaul had taken some business from Tertullus on a previous stop. Secundinius also delighted to degrading non-Romans, saving a great deal of venom for the Briton named Brocco.[1] Secundinius also knew that the otherwise inoffensive Flavius Antigonus Papias was a Christian.[2]

All four stayed in the inn of Gaius Julius Decuminus, which was uncomfortable. Brocolitia's decurion, Quintus Vestinus Corvus, took a hand in forcing peace on the four.[3] On one evening, Brocco's rivalry with Secundinius led to one physical altercation with the Gaul.[4] Secundinius' disdain for the Britons was such that, at the first day of the market, he insulted Tancorix, Corvus' wife. Secundinius promptly sold Tancroix his best wine jugs.[5] Secundinius also tried to get back into Corvus' good graces by making accusations against the other merchants. As Corvus saw no evidence of any crimes, he again asserted that so long as things were peaceful, he wouldn't heed any of Secundinius' rumors.[6]

On the second night of their stay, Secundinius found Tertullus trying to place a curse tablet in Belatucadrus' shrine. Angered, Tertullus stabbed Secundinius to death. While Papias was the initial suspect, Corvus doggedly investigated the matter, and uncovered Tertullus' guilt.[7]


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