Second American Revolution
Timeline The Guns of the South
Date 1861 to 1864
Location North America
Result Creation of the Confederate States
34Stars.jpg United States CSA.jpg Confederate States
Commanders and leaders
34Stars.jpg Abraham Lincoln

34Stars.jpg Ulysses S. Grant

CSA.jpg Jefferson Davis

CSA.jpg Robert E. Lee

The Second American Revolution was the name given by Confederate States to the war they won in 1864. Time-travelers from a 21st century South African organization called America Will Break supplied Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and General Joseph Johnston's Army of Tennessee with large numbers of AK-47s and small amounts of other supplies. These advanced rifles more than made up for the Confederacy's limited manpower and industrial base.

After several weeks of training, the Army of Northern Virginia engaged the Federal military first in the Wilderness then at Bealeton, Virginia. The Federals were completely surprised by the new "repeaters", and quickly collapsed. The ANV pressed on to Washington City where President Abraham Lincoln had remained despite the encroaching enemy. When Lee and his army stormed the city, Lincoln invited the rebel commander into the Executive Mansion to negotiate an armistice, ending major combat of the Second American Revolution.

Only select members of the Confederate high command knew of the AWB's time traveling origins, and received a version of the original timeline's history which turned out to be far from the truth. An illustrated book, pilfered from an AWB office, was brought to General Lee by a foot soldier named Melvin Bean. From this, Confederate officials learned what the averted history of the American Civil War would have been.