Sayid Jaglan
Fictional Character
"Black Tulip"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Afghanistan
Religion: Islam
Date of Birth: 1940s
Occupation: Soldier, Guerrilla
Affiliations: Afghan Army, later Mujahideen

Sayid Jaglan had been a major in the army of the Afghani puppet regime, before deciding to fight against the Soviet intervention. He then led a group of Mujahideen fighters against the Soviet garrison in the town of Bulola. During the course of the fighting, Sayid Jaglan's forces received unexpected aid from a dragon which had slumbered in the mountains outside the city.

Sayid Jaglan had grown very impressed with one of his fighters, Abdul Satar Ahmedi, a native of Bulola, who'd begun life as the son of a pharmacist.