Saul Buchbinder
Fictional Character
Alpha and Omega
Set in the Future of OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Religion: Secular Jew
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: TV producer

Saul Buchbinder was the executive producer of the Gabriela and Brandon TV show. He created the program along with Gabriela Sandoval and Brandon Nesbitt with the three forming a partnership, each owning a third.[1]

Buchbinder, Sandoval, Nesbitt, and a large production crew and their equipment traveled from JFK to Ben Gurion Airport on El Al to Tel Aviv. Sandoval was grilled by a security officer on the purpose of their trip but with the help of Nesbitt and Buchbinder convinced him they had a legitimate purpose and were allowed to board. After arriving in Tel Aviv and an extended delay by customs, they checked into the Alexander Hotel.[2]

Buchbinder woke to a major explosion. He called Sandoval but got her voicemail. He then called Nesbitt and told him to come down to his room since it overlooked the explosion. When Nesbitt arrived, Buchbinder identified the location as the main bus station built around the turn of the century. The rest of the crew arrived and Nesbitt switched on the television. Danny, a cameraman started translating and informed the group that it was a van with two men inside responsible. Suddenly a senior firefighter grabbed the mike and Danny said he was saying something about radiation. Nesbitt exclaimed that it must have been a dirty bomb. Several people were reluctant to go to the scene to make a report until Buchbinder offered double pay.[3]


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