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Satyrs, in Ancient Greek mythology, were male nature spirits with ears and a tail resembling those of a horse. A troop of Satyrs were companions of Pan and Dionysus that roamed the woods and mountains. They were often associated with male sex drive and vase-painters often portrayed them with uncontrollable erections. The Roman analog was the Faun.

Satyr in "Goddess for a Day"Edit

A satyr named Marsyas attempted to rape a young woman named Phye, believing her to be the goddess Athena.

Satyr in "The Horse of Bronze"Edit

The Satyrs were the cousins of the Fauns. Many Centaurs considered Satyrs to be the more aesthetic looking of the two.[1]

Satyr in ThessalonicaEdit

Despite the encroachment of Christianity, satyrs survived in Byzantine Greece at the close of the 6th century.


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