Fictional Character
Agent of Byzantium
POD: c. AD 597
Appearance(s): "Images"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Egyptian citizen of the Roman Empire
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Date of Birth: 13th century
Occupation: Monk

Sasopis was an Egyptian monk. He came to Constantinople to preach against icons. One harangue sparked a major riot.

Sasopis preached at the Forum of Arcadius. A statue of Arcadius had fallen during an earthquake and a surviving arm and hand had been erected beside the pillar it stood on. Sasopis balanced on two man-sided fingertips and lectured a gathered crowd. His conclusion was that icons were a desecration and abomination, a snare of Satan. He demonstrated what should be done with icons by smashing one of Jesus Christ against the pillar.[1]

The crowd was split with some cheering while others shouted "Blasphemy!" The two sides began to brawl which led to vandalism against icons and general looting. The disturbance had to be put down by the excubitores.[2] In the confusion, Sasopis managed to disappear but was later identified by name.[3] He later reappeared as part of a delegation led by Patriarch Arsakios of Alexandria to an ecumenical council.[4]


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