Sarah Levitt
Fictional Character
A World of Difference
POD: c 4,500,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: AD 1976
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Species: Human
Nationality: United States
Religion: Judaism
Date of Birth: 1950s
Occupation: Physician, astronaut, pilot
Spouse: Irv Levitt
Affiliations: NASA

Sarah Levitt was an American doctor and astronaut. In 1989, she traveled to Minerva aboard the shuttle Athena as the ship's chief medical officer. She was also the chief pilot of the Damselfly. She was married to Irv Levitt and had a brief affair with General Emmett Bragg during while on Minerva.

She piloted the Damselfly across the Ervis Gorge when Soviet linguist Valery Bryusov was injured by a krong and Doctor Katerina Zakharova was unable to reach him. Levitt treated Bryusov, improving public relations for the mission back on Earth and helping to maintain cordial relations between the crews of the Athena and the Tsiolkovsky.

After witnessing the death of Reatur's mate Biyal, Levitt became determined to find a procedure that would allow Minervan mates to survive the budding process. She convinced Reatur to allow her to save Lamra, who was already gravid. Being deeply sentimentally attached to Lamra, Reatur allowed Levitt to proceed. She experimented with various techniques to close the large arteries opened when mates dropped their buds on a number of female eloca. Levitt never managed to save an eloc but through her experiments she developed a technique to save Lamra's life. Unfortunately, she was not present when Lamra dropped her buds, as she had to fly the Damselfly against the invasion by Fralk's Skarmer army into Omalo territory. She dropped an incendiary weapon on the Skarmer ranks, killing both Fralk and Oleg Lopatin, neutralizing the AK-74 the Skarmer had obtained from the Soviets, and turning the tide of the battle.

Before returning to Earth, Levitt showed Reatur how to save the lives of mates.