The Royal American Mounted Police was the national police force of the North American Union. It had jurisdiction in crimes of an interprovincial nature, including the smuggling of contraband such as illicit drugs and firearms into the NAU. The theft of The Two Georges by the Sons of Liberty and indeed the Sons themselves fell under the jurisdiction of the RAMs while the murder of "Honest" Dick was in the jurisdiction of the New Liverpool City Police.

The RAM Police had detachments in major NAU cities with individual officers or teams of officers available to investigate crimes in smaller towns and the countryside. Each province had a section chief who was responsible for all RAM officers in that section. Colonel Thomas Bushell was the Chief of the Upper California Section at the time of the theft of The Two Georges.

In addition, the RAM had a large, specialised headquarters staff in Victoria which were available to the provincial sections. These officers were experts in specific legal areas such as forensics or in particular crimes or criminal organisations such as the Sons of Liberty.

The "mounted" in the organisation's name was a holdover from a previous age, since by 1995 the RAMs used airships, trains and steamers just like anyone else.

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