Note: for members of the Finch family in The Hot War, see Finch Family.

These are the known members of the Rowbotham-Finch family, presented in estimated chronological order of birth.

Ned Rowbotham-Finch[]

One of the progenitors of the family fortune, Ned Rowbotham-Finch got rich selling opium in China, and invested in Ming vases.

Maud Rowbotham-Finch[]

One of the progenitors of the family fortune, Maud Rowbotham-Finch, wife of Ned[1], got rich selling opium in China, and invested in ferns.

Hiram Rowbotham-Finch[]

Son of Ned and Maud, see Hiram Rowbotham-Finch.

Ezekiel Rowbotham-Finch[]

Ezekiel "Zeke/Batty" Rowbotham-Finch, the second son of Ned and Maud, collected everything from fossils to porn, and had a noted fondness for bearded ladies. He accompanied his brother Hiram from England to Massachusetts after Hiram's altercation with Richard Burton (not the actor).

Badger Rowbotham-Finch[]

"Badger" Rowbotham-Finch (d. 1919) was the son of Hiram, and one of the few people he entrusted with knowledge of his collection of Etruscan artifacts.

Buzzard Rowbotham-Finch[]

"Buzzard" Rowbotham-Finch (1904-1919), son of Badger, started out as a great collector like his forebears, collecting minerals, sea shells, owl pellets, and baseball cards. Tragically, his career was cut short when he perished in the global influenza pandemic, along with his father and grandfather. In 2015, his cache was discovered, including several copies of Honus Wagner's legendary card, which were sold to finance a girls' school in Nigeria.

Beagle Rowbotham-Finch[]

"Beagle" Rowbotham-Finch collected GI magazines during World War II, including Stars and Stripes. His wife threatened to burn them, but they were saved by his clever sister Adele.

Adele Rowbotham-Finch[]

Adele "Bandicoot" Rowbotham-Finch (d. 2014), sister of Beagle, ran a girls' school in the 1950s with a woman named Tilly, whose grandniece Elena Jimenez later became assistant curator at the Hiram U. Rowbotham-Finch Museum.

Willard Pomeroy[]

A distant relation of the family, see Willard Pomeroy.