Rosenfeld is a small town in the Rural Municipality of Rhineland, Manitoba, Canada, south of Winnipeg. It is situated at a juncture of railway and is made up of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Great Britain, and Ireland.

Rosenfeld in Southern Victory[]

Rosenfeld was overrun by US forces in 1914 in the opening stages of the Great War. However, people living in the town could hear the sounds of the front and could judge how the War was going for the Anglo-Canadians whom, except for a few collaborators, the town was loyal to. Some children stopped going to school in fear of American propaganda.

During the Great War and afterward, a family of Scottish farmers called the McGregors were involved in a series of anti-US activities, after Alexander McGregor was executed by occupation officials for supposed terroristic conspiracies. His family, his father and his sister Mary to be exact, engaged in bombing as acts of revenge.

At the death of Mary McGregor during the Second Great War, her husband led a major uprising centered in Rosenfeld that was soon crushed.