Rose Conway
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: c. 1900
Date of Death: 1980
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Occupation: Secretary
Fictional Appearances:
The Hot War
POD: November, 1950
Appearance(s): Bombs Away;
Type of Appearance: Direct
Date of Death: 1952
Cause of Death: Killed in an atomic bombing (World War III)

Rose Conway (c. 1900 - March 14, 1980) is probably best known as Harry Truman's personal secretary. She began working for him while he was still Vice President in 1945, and continued on when he became President. She remained as his secretary until after he left office in 1953. After his death, she went to work at the Truman Library until 1975.

Rose Conway in The Hot War[]

Rose Conway was President Harry Truman's personal secretary. He thought she was a frump, but she was an efficient frump.[1]

Conway worked for Truman throughout World War III.[2][3] She was killed by the Soviet atomic bombing of Washington, DC in May 1952.[4]


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