Robin Goodfellow, aka Puck
Adam Hendrickson as Puck in a 2009 New York City Ballet production
Characters Adapted from Other Works
Nationality: Faerie
Occupation: Servant, Spy, Magic-user
Appearing in:

"A Late Symmer Night's Battle"
by Laura Frankos

Fantasy pastiche
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Soldier

Robin Goodfellow, also known as Puck, is a mysterious and mischievous supernatural creature of the night in medieval English folklore. The version of Puck who appears in William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream is considered the definitive version.

Puck is the first supernatural character to appear on stage, and narrates much of the play via soliloquy. Much of the play's wit and satirical wisdom is imparted by this character. As an errand runner for the Fairy King Oberon, Puck uses magic to thwart Queen Titania's agenda by causing her to love a donkey-headed man.

Robin Goodfellow in "A Late Symmer Night's Battle"Edit

Robin "Puck" Goodfellow, the trusted servant of the Faerie King Oberon, had broken the hearts of many of Queen Titania's retainers.

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