Robert Jackson
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1892
Date of Death: 1954
Cause of Death: Myocardial infarction
Occupation: Lawyer, Judge
Parents: William Eldred Jackson,
Angelina Houghwout
Spouse: Irene Alice Gerhardt
Children: William, Mary
Political Party: Democratic Party
Political Office(s): United States Attorney General,
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
Fictional Appearances:
The Man With the Iron Heart
POD: May 29, 1942;
Relevant POD: May, 1945
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

Robert Houghwout Jackson (February 13, 1892 – October 9, 1954) was United States Attorney General (1940–1941) and an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court (1941–1954). He was also the chief United States prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials. A "county-seat lawyer", he remains the last Supreme Court justice appointed who did not graduate from any law school, although he did attend Albany Law School in Albany, New York for one year.

Robert Jackson in The Man With the Iron Heart[]

Robert Jackson was severely injured when the German Freedom Front destroyed the Palace of Justice at Nuremberg in November 1945. As more than 200 people were killed in the explosion, Jackson was rather lucky in the short-term.[1]


Political offices
Preceded by
Stanley Forman Reed
United States Solicitor General
Succeeded by
Francis Biddle
Preceded by
Frank Murphy
United States Attorney General
Succeeded by
Francis Biddle
Preceded by
Harlan Fiske Stone
Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Succeeded by
John Marshall Harlan II