Battle of the River of Death
Part of Detinan Civil War
Location The River of Death, Peachtree Province, Detina
Result Northern victory
Southron Detina Northern Detina
Commanders and leaders
Doubting George
Thraxton the Braggart
James of Broadpath

The River of Death was a river in Peachtree Province, Detina. After a loyal army led by General Guildenstern took Rising Rock, Franklin Province during the Detinan Civil War, it advanced into Peachtree Province for the first time since that province declared its rebellion against King Avram. The Army of Franklin, commanded by Thraxton the Braggart, reinforced by James of Broadpath's wing of the Army of Southern Parthenia, met the southrons in battle along the River of Death. They enjoyed a rare numerical advantage over the loyal forces as well as some effective spells cast by Thraxton, and they soundly defeated Guildenstern's force, driving the southrons out of Peachtree Province and back to Franklin. If not for the heroic rear guard action of Doubting George, the southrons would have been routed altogether. This battle would prove to be the northerners' last decisive tactical victory of the war.

Literary Comment[]

The Battle of the River of Death is based on the Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863. The Cherokee name "Chickamauga" is sometimes translated as "River of Death".