Fictional Character
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct narrator
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Farmhand, professional baseball player
Relatives: Willie (brother),
Kate (sister-in-law)
Affiliations: St. Louis Browns

Rip was a farm boy who pitched for the St. Louis Browns during the 1910s. He shared a room with Laszlo Kovacs and wrote about his experiences in the big leagues to his brother, Willie, at home.

In addition to leaving behind his brother, both of Rip's parents were still living and he left his girlfriend Sally behind as well.

Kovacs began to suspect something was strange about the team batboy, Zoltan Nagy in September 1917 while the Browns were on a road trip that took them through Boston, New York City, and Detroit. In Detroit, Kovacs noticed that when they passed by a mirror, only Nagy's clothing cast a reflection. He convinced Rip that Nagy was a vampire and when Nagy tried to get into their room that night, Rip and Kovacs killed him, with Kovacs driving a stake through Nagy's heart. The next day nobody, including Nagy's supposed father Gyula Nagy, remembered Zoltan, except Kovacs and Rip.