Fictional Character
Clever Rolf Stories
Appearance(s): "Mebodes' Fly"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Estreby, originally from Iveria
Occupation: Wizard-for-hire

Rigord was an Iverian wizard who settled in Estreby, establishing an office between a farrier and an apothecary. Clever Rolf, an accountant from Argentan, came to Rigord to buy a counter-curse for the pestilence which had been set on him by the evil wizard Mebodes. Rolf originally offered three silver marks, but Rigord said that as Rolf's life was in the balance, more payment was needed. Rolf offered a gold piece, then six marks, but Rigord insisted on the entire treasure which Rolf had stolen from Mebodes, minus the parts which Rolf had already spent. Rolf agreed to this, and Rigord place a geas on him so he could not cheat. Inside, Rolf was laughing. Mebodes' treasure was mostly brass, worth a mark and a half at most. Rigord's hard bargaining had only hurt his own profits.[1]

Rolf and Rigord traveled to Argentan, where they found Mebodes taking his pleasure at the local bawdy house. Rigord mixed a potion, uttered an incantation, and summoned a salamander. The salamander chased Mebodes away in literally hot pursuit. The whore Aila thanked Rolf for ridding her of the unpleasant wizard, and was later greatly amused when Rolf told her how he tricked Rigord regarding the price.[2]


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