The Rhine River is located in western Europe and starts in the Swiss Alps flowing through Germany, Holland, and at times France. It is one of Europe's longest rivers (766 miles), and one of its most important, serving as a navigable waterway throughout the continental inland.

The Rhine River in "The Catcher in the Rhine"[]

While touring Germany, a young American tourist took a boat down the Rhine River. He thought it smelled like a sewer. Later, when he was transported through time by the magic of Regin Fafnirsbruder, he was astonished by the how clear and clean the river was.[1]

The Rhine River in The Hot War[]

On the morning of 18 February 1951, the massed tanks of the Soviet Red Army began the invasion of West Germany through Fulda with the operational goal of the Rhine River. Once the western zones of Germany were cleared, it would be decided whether the Low Countries and France would be attacked, in turn.[2]

The Rhine River in In the Presence of Mine Enemies[]

The Rhine region was known for its wine. The Dorsches brought a bottle of Rhine wine to a bridge game with the Gimpels one night.

The Rhine River in Southern Victory[]

The French advanced to the Rhine during the Second Great War but were unable to cross it. The British did better by crossing through Holland and advancing into northwest Germany. However, they failed to capture Hamburg and were driven back across the river in 1943.

The Rhine River in Worldwar[]

Despite their superior technology, the Race failed to cross the Rhine during their 1942 invasion of Earth.


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