Rescuing Private Renfall, released after 1977 but before 1994, was an American war movie taking place during the Race Invasion of Tosev 3. The movie starred James Dean, who had matured and shown that he was not simply the pretty face of his younger days.

Rescuing was among several Earth films transmitted to Home for study by Race psychologists interested in how Tosevites' popular culture perceived the Lizards. Ambassador Sam Yeager's diplomatic delegation asked for and were granted permission to view it when they learned that it was in the Race's possession.

Atvar, the first Fleetlord of the Conquest Fleet, stumbled upon the delegation party watching the movie, and was informed of the movie's plot. However, after seeing the depiction of the Race soldiers as being more aggressive in the movie, Atvar argued with Yeager as being inaccurate, and pointed out that Earth films usually depicted the Lizards as either evil or stupid. The two debated over the media's depiction of their respective species, and concluded that both were good at depicting their enemies in a dim light.

The movie was shown in its original English with subtitles for Lizard audiences who did not speak the alien language. Subtitles on videos were among the many artifacts which had been all but lost to the Race, before contact with the Tosevites once again forced them to treat foreigners as equals.[1]

Literary Comment[]

Rescuing Private Renfall is a reference and homage to the OTL movie Saving Private Ryan, screenwritten by Robert Rodat. Matt Damon, who played the title character in Ryan, is acknowledged in Homeward Bound as being a famous actor in that timeline as well. However, it is not revealed whether the fictionalized Damon appeared in Renfall.


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