Rescued Woman
Fictional Character
Three Men and...Stories
Fantasy Pastiche
Appearance(s): "Three Men and a Werewolf"
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Either Russia or Poland
Species: Human
Date of Birth: 19th century

A woman from either Russia or Poland nearly became a victim of Warren Z. Wolfe, a werewolf who stalked Limehouse for a time. The werewolf had just subdued the woman in an alley when her cries brought three friends, J., George, and Harris. Upon seeing the three approach, it paused, giving Harris time to charge it and stab it with the ferrule of his umbrella. To the amazement of J. and George, Harris succeeded in killing the creature. It soon turned back into a man; all three recognized him as Mr. Warren from Lee Ho Fook's. Harris explained the ferrule was made of silver.[1]

The would-be victim stood and spoke to her rescuers in her native language. She ran off when they couldn't respond.[2]


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