Fictional Character
"None So Blind"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Mussalmi
Cause of Death: Bitten by a tsaldaris, burned and staked after becoming a tsaldaris himself
Occupation: Savant, Explorer, map-maker

Relander was a Mussalmian savant who specialized in map-making. He joined an exploratory expedition lead by Baron Toivo and heading south of the Empire's borders to the equatorial mountains.

One day a native porter warned of a tsaldaris lurking in the area. Relander was skeptical and so did not rub himself with garlic before entering his bedroll as some of the expedition had done. In the morning he was discovered in his bedroll with an eerie calm look on his face and two puncture marks on his neck. He was not completely dead, but nor was he completely alive. When the rising sun was fully on him, his features screwed up in pain and he began to wither. His body mortified in unnatural haste. To ensure he remained dead, the expedition pounded a stake through his heart and a cook placed a clove of garlic under his tongue.