Rekek Junior
Fictional Character
Chicxulub Asteroid Missed
POD: 66 million years ago
Appearance(s): "Bonehunters";
"Junior and Me"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unnamed
Species: Brownskin
Religion: Polytheist
Occupation: Guide, hunter, scout
Parents: Unnamed mother
Rekek (adopted father)

Rekek Jr. usually simply Junior was a brownskin who was adopted by Rekek, a greenskin who made his living out West as a guide and scout.[1]

Adoption by Rekek[]

Junior's Mother was a brownskin who took part in an ambush on a greenskin stage coach. She was killed by a blunderbuss blast to the chest by Rekek who was riding blunderbuss on the stage. After the surviving brownskins fled, Rekek came over to make sure she and another native were dead. He was startled to see her leg twitching and found a hatchling tied to it.

Rekek wasn't sorry he had killed her since it was either her or him but was too thin-shelled to do in the little fella despite Havv and some of the passengers shouting that he should do so. Instead, he feed the youngster some drosaw kidney, referring to him as Junior, and inadvertently naming him. Junior licked his hand when he was finished eating. Rekek bent down to take a closer look and Junior sniffed his snout then licked it too. Junior was too young to remember his mother and so bonded with Rekek who feed him and raised him to adulthood.

Junior's speech was mushy due to the shape of his mouth but was understandable. As far as Rekek was concerned, was a better person than most folks and was pleased with the way he turned out.[2]

Guiding Ontinil[]

Once when Rekek and Junior were looking for work, the pair traveled to Fort Ironclaw, an army outpost that served as the so-called Gateway to the Black Hills.[3]

Sgt. Snegor told them about Ontinil, a paleontologist from back East who'd arrived to dig for bones in the Black Hills. When Rekek expressed interest in guiding Ontinil, Snegor took them to Lt. Diffi, who in turn took them to the fort's commander, Captain Jawj. He approved of Rekek and Junior guiding Ontinil, and then dismissed them from his presence.[4]

Diffi then took the two to the stables to meet Ontinil, who proved to be respectful to both guides. He did confirm that neither were associated with his rival, Trinka. He also explained to Rekek and Junior that he had a formal agreement with King Red Cloud, who ruled a domain in the Black Hills.[5]

The group set out two days later,[6] reaching the initial fossiliferous bluff just before sunset.[7] The spent the remainder of the day digging, then ate, and went to bed. When they awoke, the brownskins of Red Cloud had surrounded them; Ontinil defused the situation by explaining why they were there, and Red Cloud himself arrived to greet the group. Red Cloud and his chieftains were impressed that Rekek had raised Junior when he could have killed him as a hatchling.[8] Ontinil then invited Red Cloud to view the dig, and the Rekeks joined in as well. Ontinil also gave a brief explanation of the scientific method. After a time, Red Cloud and his fellows went on their way.[9]

After a few days, Rekek Sr. set out on his own, and discovered that Trinka and his primary aide Sterba had set up their own expeidition.[10] Rekek returned to camp and altered Ontinil, who was furious. While he initially didn't intend to tell Red Cloud, Red Cloud had already found out and confronted Ontinil, who confirmed Rekek's report.[11]

Rekek told Red Cloud about his contact with Sterba, and Ontinil pointedly reminded Red Cloud that he'd secured permission to dig, but that Trinka had not. Red Cloud commanded that Rekek and Junior accompany him the next day to confront Trinka, acting as witnesses.[12] The band, along with Rekeks, found Trinka and Sterba, and Red Cloud commanded Trinka to leave while his warriors all pointed their muskets at him.[13] They seized the bones Trinka's expedition had recovered, and gave them to Ontinil, and most of their firearms and ammunition. When Trinka protested, Red Cloud informed Trinka that if they protested, his men would kill the intruders. Trinka and his people returned to Fort Iron Claw before the day was over.[14]

Ontinil was pleased with the bounty, and pledged to tell the world of Red Cloud's role. Before he took his leave, Red Cloud spoke with the Rekeks, specifically to Junior. All agreed that Junior was better off remaining with Rekek than joining Red Cloud's people.[15]


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