Fictional Character
A World of Difference
POD: c 4,500,000,000 BCE;
Relevant POD: AD 1976
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Species: Minervan
Nationality: Omalo Clan
Occupation: Domain-master
Spouse: Biyal (deceased)
Children: Ternat, Gurtz, several others

Reatur was an Omalo domain-master. His domain was the westernmost domain in Omalo territory and bordered the Ervis Gorge.

In 1976, Reatur became the first Minervan to come into contact with Earth when the Viking space probe landed in his domain. He destroyed it, but not before it took a picture of him and sent the picture back to the United States, where Reatur became known as Junior in popular culture.

In 1989, six American astronauts visited Reatur's domain. He developed good relations with his visitors though he never understood their precise nature.

At the time, Reatur was preparing for war against Fralk, who had threatened to cross the Ervis Gorge with a Skarmer army. The Americans helped Reatur defend his domain, for which he was grateful.

Reatur often developed sentimental attachments to his mates and was saddened that by their nature they were so short-lived. He was especially distressed as the death of his favorite, Lamra, approached. For this reason he allowed Sarah Levitt to experiment with ways in which to save her. At this Levitt succeeded, further ingratiating herself and her nation to Reatur's good graces. When Lamra was successfully saved, Reatur allowed her to leave the mates' chamber, an unprecedented action.