The Raumsdalian Empire was the dominant political entity in the known world, neighbored by the mammoth-herding ethnic tribe called the Bizogots, upon whom most Raumsdalians looked down their noses. Its most recent ruler was the Emperor Sigvat II, who later abdicated after a message from God declared him unworthy. The language spoken was Raumsdalian and its capital was Nidaros.

The Empire discovered a warrior race of people north of the Glacier known as the Rulers who were preparing to invade the lands south of the glacier. In the ensuing attack, the unprepared Empire was quickly defeated until a force led by Count Hamnet Thyssen quickly routed the invaders.

Literary comment[]

Raumsdalian people tend to have Scandinavian names and hierarchies. The name Raumsdalia may be inspired by Romsdal, a region of Norway.