Fictional Character
Roxolan Stories
Set in the Future
Appearance(s): "The Road Not Taken"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Roxolani
Occupation: Steerer, Astronaut,
Affiliations: Crew of the Indomitable

Ransisc was a steerer on the Roxolan star warship Indomitable. He had one apprentice, Olgren. It was Ransisc who first observed Earth in 2039.[1] He tolerated Captain of Foot Togram's presence at his observation post since the Captain was experienced and had a good eye for detail when observing at a telescope eyepiece. Togram also had a decent hand with quill and paper so Ransisc let him spell himself and Olgren at map sketching.[2]

Ransisc was captured by humans during the invasion of Earth and reunited with Captain Togram, a fellow prisoner, afterwards.[3]


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