Randolph Brooks
Fictional Character
The Disunited States of America
POD: July, 1787
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States (home timeline)
Date of Birth: Mid 21st century
Occupation: Soldier, Crosstimer, store clerk

Randolph "Randy" Brooks had been a combat soldier in the home timeline, and saw action in the military intervention in Iran, near the holy city of Qom. This left him with traumatic memories which he much later shared with Justin Monroe.

Later on Randolph Brooks became an employee of Crosstime Traffic. He ran the Charleston Coin and Stamp Company in the Charleston, Virginia of an alternate where the United States fell apart decades after it was formed. He played host to Cyndi and Justin Monroe in 2097, and took Justin with him to meet Ted Snodgrass in Elizabeth, Virginia. Brooks and Justin were trapped in Elizabeth when the country of Ohio declared war on Virginia and released a modified measles virus in the state.

While Brooks was not Justin's biological uncle, he did try to look out for Justin, often acting as a sounding board for Justin's frustrations with the inequities of the alternate and how that affected his relationship with Beckie Royer, a young girl from the country of California who was visiting the Snodgrasses with her grandmother, Myrtle Bentley. He was also sympathetic to Justin's frustration at being trapped in Elizabeth by first the quarantine and then the war. Randy himself found he only had so many things to say to Ted Snodgrass, and only so many games of checkers in him.

When Justin snuck out of Elizabeth disguised as a soldier, Brooks immediately went to the Snodgrass household. Beckie confirmed Justin's plan for Brooks, who decided (in light of approaching Ohio troops) to take his chances heading back to Charleston. Beckie convinced him to take her and her grandmother with him. Reluctantly, Brooks agreed. They spent the afternoon, driving through winding and destroyed roads, finally reaching Charleston the next day. Randy proved an able sparring partner with Myrtle, getting through a check-point by claiming she had a fictional health condition, and responding to her complaints with dead-pan sarcasm.

After putting up his charges at a motel, Randy returned to the Charleston Coin and Stamp Company. He chastised Justin briefly for his plan, but provided a sympathetic ear when Justin confirmed that he had killed somebody in combat. Brooks, while initially horrified by Justin's plan to get a measles cure for Myrtle (who'd been infected on the drive from Elizabeth), was impressed with Justin's tenacity and success.

Shortly after Justin gave Myrtle the cure and said good-bye to Beckie, Randolph, Cyndi, and Justin traveled to an alternate where human life had not evolved, for quarantine. After some weeks there, they were returned home.