Ralph Tompkins
Fictional Character
"Election Day"
POD: July 16, 1999
Type of Appearance: Direct second-person narrator
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1970s
Occupation: IT specialist
Spouse: Diana (divorced)
Children: Aaron (son); Amy (daughter)
Affiliations: Youngstown City School District

Ralph Tompkins was an IT specialist with the Youngstown City School District in Youngstown, Ohio. He was divorced, with two children, Aaron and Amy.[1]

By the time election day, 2016 arrived, Tompkins was rather sick of the whole process. He couldn't stand the Republican nominee, Donald Trump at all, but he was only slightly more enthusiastic about the Democrat, John F. Kennedy Jr..[2] Still, that morning, he woke up early and voted first thing, ultimately selecting Kennedy.[3] He then went about his work day at the school district, before heading home to watch the results alone. While Tompkins was disappointed Ohio went to Trump, he was relieved that in the end, Kennedy won. After staying up well past midnight to watch Trump's concession speech and Kennedy's victory speech, Tompkins went to bed, realizing he'd need a great deal of caffeine for the upcoming work day.[4]


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