Ralph Goodwin
Fictional Character
Days of Infamy
POD: March, 1941;
Relevant POD: December 7, 1941
Appearance(s): Days of Infamy;
End of the Beginning
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Pilot instructor
Military Branch: United States Navy
(World War II)

Lieutenant Ralph Goodwin was U.S. Navy pilot instructor from Pittsburgh, stationed at Pensacola, Florida.

Lt. Goodwin was a no-nonsense man who had little time for hot shots, but was willing to give out praise to those students who stood above the rest. While stationed here, Goodwin instructed Joe Crosetti, teaching him how to fly first a Stearman, and later, a Texan. Although Goodwin thought Crosetti nothing special, he was impressed by the young pilot's progress and even bought him a beer for after he successfully managed his first solo flight and landing.

Goodwin also had a great understanding of aircraft, and their alternate capabilities, like the Australian version of the Texan Trainer.