After The Race's partially successful invasion of Earth, a human sub-culture developed, mostly among the world's youth, that mimicked the Race, due to the youths' fascination with the Race's power. This sub-culture wore minimal clothing, used body paint, and often shaved their heads. They added words from the Race's language to their own, and often converted the Race's metaphors into English, for example referring to things they find neat as 'hot'.

Some Race researchers of Tosevite behaviour like Ttomalss thought that the human youngsters were being slowly assimilated into the culture of the Race and likened it to a war of cultures. He noticed the similarity between the appearance of Jonathan Yeager, who was into Race mimicking, and Kassquit, a loyal Tosevite citizen of the Empire.

Also in an opposite sort of way for the Race, the younger generation of the Race back Home also copied human customs and accessories, such as hair wigs and clothing, once visual logs were sent back. This also came as a culture shock for Atvar when he returned to his homeworld.

The Race-mimicking sub-culture appeared in some Race-territories and (at least) in the United States. The Greater German Reich, an intensely xenophobic nation, strictly banned Race Mimicking and such activities as head-shaving. Other freed human nations and human supremacist organizations, such as the Chinese Communist Party, viewed the sub-culture as degrading. However, some people, such as Communist Tao Sheng-Ming, used Race-mimicking as a propaganda tool by parodying the Race to making them look ridiculous to the masses. One such tactic was depicting their susceptibility to ginger and the resulting mating frenzy.[1]