Rabotev 2 is the second planet in the Epsilon Eridani system. The Race sent a Conquest Fleet under Pssufalu the Conqueror millennia ago. The Fleet easily conquered the planet and integrated its natives, the Rabotevs, into their Empire as full citizens.

Rabotev 2 was politically divided when the Race's Conquest Fleet arrived among several competing empires. All the Rabotevs' hereditary emperors were deposed by Pssufalu, and the planet was unified under the rule of the Race's Ssumaz dynasty.

After the arrival of the Tosev 3 FTL ship Commodore Perry in 2031, the Race government on Home sent urgent messages to Rabotev 2 and Halless 1 concerning humanity's technological achievement over the Race, and ordered both planets to prepare their global defenses should the Tosevites attack.

Despite its apparently complacent state, many of the Race came to believe the possibility that the Empire might lose Rabotev 2.