The Rabotevs are a sentient species native to Rabotev 2. The Rabotevs are biologically similar to the Race. They also share the Race's predisposition to slow cultural development, and their culture was primitive when a Conquest Fleet commanded by Pssufalu the Conqueror arrived on their world millennia ago. They were easily conquered by the Race, and the similarities between the two species led to the Rabotevs being fully integrated into the Race's Empire.

The first alien species encountered by the Race, the similarities between the two led the Race to assume their biological and cultural traits were universal. This assumption was further strengthened when the Hallessi also fit the mold, but was invalidated by the Tosevites.

Physically, the Rabotevs were a little taller, a little skinnier, and a little straighter than Lizards. Their scales were bigger and looked thicker than a Lizard's, and were dark gray, not a greenish-brown. The Rabotes' hands had four digits each; the outer two were both set at an angle from the middle two, and could both work as thumbs. On its feet, two digits pointed forward, two to the rear. The Rabotevs' heads were a little more erect on its neck than the Lizards'. It had eyes mounted atop short, muscular stalks, not in eye turrets, and they moved constantly. The Rabotevs' snouts were shorter than a Lizard's. Their mouths displayed sharp yellow-orange teeth.