The Queepahd was a mossy vessel based from Faraway Town. It was captained by Baja, who'd become fixated on destroying the Great Gray Mossy.[1] Stabbak was the first mate,[2] Shtup the second,[3] and Frask the third.[4] On its final voyage, novice mossy hunter Milvil joined the crew.[5]

The Queepahd's final journey could have been profitable, but for Baja's obsession.[6] When the Queepahd finally located the Great Gray Mossy, the hunt proved a disaster. The Mossy smashed the harpooning boats, drowning Baja and other crew members. It even ate two harpooners, Geekgeek and Faidal. The Mossy then smashed a hole in the Queepahd itself. It sank, taking the remaining crew with it. Only Milvil survived the disaster.[7]

Literary Comment[]

The Queepahd is based on the Pequod, the ship at the center of the novel Moby-Dick.


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