Pskov, ("Pleskau" in German) is an ancient city, located in the north-west of Russia about 20 km east from the Estonian border, on the river Velikaya.

Pskov in Worldwar[]

German General Kurt Chill led the 122nd Infantry Division into Pskov during the invasion of Russia. He and his troops were trapped there when the Race's Conquest Fleet invaded Earth in 1942, and were forced into an uneasy alliance with their Soviet enemies. Although the Germans and the Russians were able to co-exist while fighting the Race under the mediation of a group of British airmen led by George Bagnall, once the fighting was over and the British had left, the Germans and the Russians in Pskov began their private war again, resulting in an eventual Soviet victory. Vyacheslav Molotov reported to Iosef Stalin on Soviet forces' success in removing "the last traces of the German invasion".