Provincial prerogative was one of the justifications which the supporters of Grand Duke Geoffrey gave for their attempt to break away from Detina and set up a new kingdom. As the majority of Detinan nobles did not agree, and maintained that the gods desired Detina to remain as one nation under King Avram, the Detinan Civil War broke out.

As battle cries, soldiers on the loyalist side often shouted "Avram! And freedom!" while those on the secessionist side yelled "Geoffrey! And provincial prerogative!"

One secessionist general was even named Provincial Prerogative.

Literary comment[]

Provincial prerogative is modeled on the doctrine of "states' rights," the principle by which Jefferson Davis claimed that certain American states had a right to secede and form the Confederate States. The parallel is problematic, however, since the American states were once sovereign entities that willingly ratified the United States Constitution, while the Detinan provinces are merely administrative subdivisions.