The following is a complete list of the Provinces of the North American Union. Many are direct analogs to OTL U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Many others do not. Those provinces that are settings in the novel have separate articles. This information is derived from the map of North America in the frontispiece of the novel.

  • Albertus - OTL Alberta and central-west Montana (excluding the western most tip).
  • Baffin - OTL Northwest Territories (less SE section) and NW section of Nunavut and all of Victoria and King William Islands.
  • Florida - OTL Florida with the panhandle extended west through the southern portions of Alabama and Mississippi bordering the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Parishes of Louisiana. The Bahamas seem to be part of Florida as well.
  • Georgia - OTL Georgia and Alabama (less the coastal strip of an extended Florida panhandle and the northwestern section).
  • New Scotland - OTL Nova Scotia, and possibly Prince Edward Island
  • Pennsylvania - OTL Pennsylvania, minus the north central section