Provideniya (Russian: Провиде́ния, lit. of providence; Chukchi: Гуврэл) is an urban locality (an urban-type settlement) and the administrative center of Providensky District of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located on Komsomolskaya Bay in the northeastern part of the autonomous okrug, across the Bering Strait from Alaska, and very close to the International Date Line.

While Russian settlements had been established from the 1660s, it wasn't until 1946 that the Soviet Union ordered the establishment of a permanent settlement, christened Provideniya. It grew rather quickly as military units were deployed there.

Provideniya in The Hot War[]

Provideniya was the site of a Soviet Red Air Force base.[1] After World War III broke out in earnest in 1951, several bombers from Provideniya attacked the West Coast of the United States on March 2, 1951, destroying several key cities with atomic bombs.

Days later, the U.S. destroyed Provideniya.[2]


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